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 Map and Overview
Fortification overview

Defence of Copenhagen
The Persons behind
The  Mobilisation 1914
Attack against Denmark

The Northern Defence Line
The Forts
The Batteries
The Flooding
The Positions

The Naval and Coastal Forts
The 1. Defence Line
The 2. Defence Line
The 3. Defence Line

The Western Defence Line
The Principles
 The Profile
The Caponiere
The Batteries
The Storing Facilities

The Tune Position
Modern Warfare
The Aerial War
The Position
The Mosede Fort
The Foxholes
The Galleries
The Trenches     
The Artillery
The Air Defence    
The Camps and Barracks
Other Facilities
After WW I
The Present Remains



The Fortifications of Copenhagen

About the Author of this site.


                                                      The author at the Masnedoe Fort 2012
 Sören Östergaard

Special interests:
  - The forts and fortresses  of the
     period prior to World War I.

  - The first and second Danish-Prussian
    war in 1848 and 1864.

  -  The Danish Coastal forts during the Cold  War.

 For over 30 years I have been interested in Danish muilitary history.
 Specially the period 1848 to 1920 and significance of this period for Denmark.  .

 Numerous lectures about the fortifications of Copenhagen.

 I have delivered several articles til both Danish and Scandinavian magazines and phtos

Feel free to send me a mail if  you have any questions or comments: sooe@dbmail.dk