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The Fortifications of Copenhagen

The Three Significant Men of the Fortification of Copenhagen.


Prime Minister Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup (1825-1913)

Estrup was elected to parliament for one period in 1854, and from 1864-98 public elected member of the supreme chamber. In 1865 he became minister of  the interior. He resigned because of decease. He was a significant figure on the conservative right-wing, and was asked to form a government in 1875. 
Estrup was far from a democrat as we understand a democrat, and he also should
have been extraordinary stubborn. He hated the talk of parlamentarism, and he
was not affected of the fact that the conservative party lost a number of elections.
He got money to the fortifications without the permission by the parliament in both
1877 and 1885-94.
The constitution was in fact violated.

After an assassin on Estrup, a number of laws were submitted, giving the police
more power, restrictions on the press and limiting the right to posses’ weapons.
Estrup resigned in 1894, but kept a lot of influence in the conservative party


  Colonel E.J. Sommerfeldt

The Danish officer that supervised the building of the fortifications. He Invented the defence system used on the southern front under influence of, and in cooperation with, General Brialmont from Belgium and general Kromhout from Holland .



     Colonel E.J.Sommerfeldt



  MP Viggo  Lauritz Bentheim , liberal radical

(May 22th. 1841 -  february 15th. 1902)
Lawyer, politician, editor and minister.

Hørup was the most significant opponent to the fortification and Quoted  numerous times for his even today well-known favorite remark on the fortification "What's the use"

Founder of the Radical Liberal Party in Denmark