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Defence of Copenhagen
The Persons behind
The  Mobilisation 1914
Attack against Denmark

The Northern Defence Line
The Forts
The Batteries
The Flooding
The Positions

The Naval and Coastal Forts
The 1. Defence Line
The 2. Defence Line
The 3. Defence Line

The Western Defence Line
The Principles
 The Profile
The Caponiere
The Batteries
The Storing Facilities

The Tune Position
Modern Warfare
The Aerial War
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The Mosede Fort
The Foxholes
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The Trenches     
The Artillery
The Air Defence    
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After WW I
The Present Remains



The Fortifications of Copenhagen

The Galleries of the Tune Position

 The littke foxholes were gradually replaced by the so-called galleries, presumably because the large hole for the floodlight was too great a risk
 for the crew.

                                     The Skel Gallery. Room for 4 recoil guns and 4 rifles.
                                     Under the trees behind to the left, the Skel Cave is situated.


The galleries, had like the caves flanking tasks, but could also have frontal functions and thereby supporting an exposed salient position.  (The Justitsraads Galleri I, II og III)

The Justitsraads Gallery III
                            The Justitsraads Galleri III

 The Iron bars in the wall is for the
shooters elbow banquet.
 The holes in the wall is from the
 mountings of the recoil guns.

The Double Galleries:

The Veddelev Havn Gallery
The Skelgallery
The Justitsraad Galleries I, II og III
The Landevej west and east galleries in front of Vardegaard (afsnitskommando) køgevej
The Kridthus West Gallery
The Landevej East gallery

The Double galleries broken with two directions

The Karlslundevej Gallery
The Kilde Galleries I og II
The Ydinggaard Double Gallery

The Ydinggaard Double Gallery is, as the only one, splitted in two halfs with 25 metres between
the two halfs.

Galleries from the north to the south.

The Bløden Gallery
The Veddelevgaard Gallery
The Veddelevhavn Gallery
The Yddinggaard dobbeltgallery
The Højagergaard Gallery
The Kildemose Gallery
The Roskildevej Gallery
The Digesgaard Gallery
The Snoldelevvej Gallery
The Karlslundevej Gallery
The Sortemose Gallery
The Skelgallery
The Karlstrup Gallery
The Justitsraadgallery I
The Justitsraadgallery III
The Justitsraadgallery II
The Landevej Vest Galleryes
The Landevej Øst Gallery
The Kridthus Vest Gallery
The Kridthus Syd Gallery
The Firhøj Gallery
The Kildegallery II
The Kildegallery I