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Defence of Copenhagen
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The  Mobilisation 1914
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The Northern Defence Line
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The Naval and Coastal Forts
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The Western Defence Line
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he Caponiere
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The Tune Position
       A New Kind of War
       The Air War
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The Mosede Fort

The Foxholes
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The Trenches     
The Artillery
The Air Defence    
The Camps and Barracks
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After WW I
       The Present Remains



                                                          The Fortifications of Copenhagen
                                                                   The Tune Position
The remains

There is not much left of the 23 kilometres of trenches or the more than 5000 concrete rooms at the Tune Line.

The line was, contrary to the forts, og a lot of small rooms, barbed wire and trenches. All were build on private property.

After it was left in 1923, everything was given back to the owners of the property, to avoid paying compensation for the use. Only very few were interested in keeping the reamins. For four years or more, they had lived with the position, the exercises and the soldiers and they were just happy it was over.

A few consructions has been kept on private property, but are unfortunately not accessible.